Common Foot & Ankle treatments

Mr Bowyer understands that not everyone wants, or indeed needs, surgery, but everyone deserves a treatment regime that will optimise their return to the activities that they wish to undertake. Co-operation between the surgeon, physiotherapist, podiatrist and footwear specialist is essential. This co-operative approach, and appropriate involvement and information for the patient, has always been key in Mr Bowyer’s approach to the management of foot and ankle problems. If surgery is necessary, the latest techniques are used, with a specialist anaesthetist, to allow rapid mobilisation. The close involvement of the physiotherapy and podiatry team encourages a return to function.
Treatment options include:

  • Physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Coaching and training adjustments
  • Podiatric assessment and insoles or footwear modification
  • Advice on sports footwear
  • Injections, which may be performed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
  • Foot and ankle surgery, including Mininimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and arthroscopic (“keyhole”) surgery.
  • Foot and ankle surgery

Surgery, if it is required, might involve examination and tidying, realignment or fixing of a joint, or in some cases joint replacement. If such procedures are carried out then every effort is made to perform this through the smallest possible operative approach: this could be keyhole surgery (arthroscopy), or minimal access surgery.

In all cases, the most modern techniques are used to fix or stabilise the joint realignment or fixation, so that an early return to mobilisation is expected. The co-operation of physiotherapist, podiatrist and the rehabilitation team optimises this return to function, whilst a highly experienced and specialist anaesthetist does all that is possible to provide safe and effective anaesthesia, reducing post-operative discomfort and helping to ensure that important mobilisation in the post-operative period.

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