Problems with foot shape and arthritis

Mr Bowyer understands the problems that arise when patients have painful feet that hurt when they are trying to do things, and there are real difficulties in finding footwear which fits comfortably. These problems are not just cosmetic, they affect the activities of daily living, as well as limiting hobbies and pastimes.

Mr Bowyer has always worked closely with a biomechanical podiatrist, physiotherapists and sports trainers to optimise treatment of foot and ankle conditions. This recognises the value of non-operative management where appropriate, post-operative physiotherapy, and rehabilitation with a return to function for patients with foot and ankle problems.

Mr Bowyer understands that not everyone wants, or indeed needs, surgery, but everyone deserves a treatment regime that will optimise their return to the activities that they wish to undertake. All need and deserve a treatment regime which aims to optimise the outcome and ensures a return to activity as soon as possible. Co-operation between the surgeon, physiotherapist, podiatrist and footwear specialist is essential. This co-operative approach, and appropriate involvement and information for the patient, has always been key in Mr Bowyer’s approach to the management of foot and ankle problems. If surgery is necessary, the latest techniques are used, which may include arthroscopic (“keyhole”) or Minimally Invasive Surgery, with a specialist anaesthetist, to allow rapid mobilisation. The close involvement of the physiotherapy and podiatry team encourages a return to function.

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