Hands - Introduction

Hand, wrist and elbow problems can affect anyone and all activities - work, sleep, personal care, household chores, hobbies and sport.

Here, at Mosaic Orthopaedics, we specialise in hand and wrist problems, incorporating the very latest techniques and technology. Not all patients need surgery - reassurance, explanation, cortisone injections, custom-made splints and specialised hand therapy are often enough.

The Hand Team at Mosaic co-ordinates with specialised hand therapists, radiologists, neurophysiologists, anaesthetists and rheumatologists to make sure that you get the most expert and comprehensive care.

Every patient is assessed personally by Mr David Warwick, Consultant Hand Surgeon (www.handsurgery.co.uk). The Hand Clinic works with top teams and athletes to help them recover from injury and return to peak performance as soon as possible. His patients have included Hampshire Cricket Club, Southampton Football Club, London Irish, British Olympic Diving, Olympic Sailing and Olympic Hockey.

For more information on hand conditions and treatments please visit: www.handsurgery.co.uk